Statista – A Great Partner for Academic Life

We offer campus-wide access for academic institutions and libraries allowing for every member of the community to utilize our services.


Campus License

  • 12 months subscription
  • IP-based access for
    students, professors, and librarians
  • Unrestricted access
    to statistic database
  • Unrestricted access
    to study and source databases
  • All formats
    (PPT, XLS, PNG)
  • Publication rights
  • Over 60 industry reports
    & 1,000 dossiers
  • IP-based access

Offering a "mind-bending array" of statistics that are "international in scope," according to Lura Sanborn of St. Paul’s School, Concord, NH, there ­really is nothing else out there like Statista. Users can find information on everything from the music industry to gun control to worldwide poverty rates. Sanborn goes on to point out that Statista's "color infographics 'speak' to our patrons more than the black-and-white charts we are accustomed to."

Many of the statistics are easily downloadable with the creation of an account, which is free to patrons at subscribing libraries. Statista also offers individual and corporate subscriptions. Corporate users have access to "dossiers," highly detailed multipage statistical reports. Searching Statista is intuitive and straightforward, says Sanborn; most users will find it no different from searching Google. Lastly, she says, the database makes statistics fun, and how often do we get a chance to say that?