Android May Have Peaked in the United States


After a long period of sustained growth, Android's market share in the U.S. smartphone market has recently taken a slight hit. According to recent comScore data, Android's market share dropped to 51.7 percent in the three-month period ending February 2013. This marks the third consecutive decline of Android's market share since hitting a peak of 53.7 percent in the three months ending November 2012.

Google's mobile operating system is still the number one smartphone platform by a relatively comfortable margin, but Apple's iOS has regained some lost ground in the past few months. Android developers probably won't be too worried by this short-term trend though. The imminent release of Samsung's new flagship model, the Galaxy S4, will likely re-accelerate Android's growth in the U.S. and elsewhere. Moreover, Apple’s momentum is likely to slow down in anticipation of the next iPhone refresh which isn’t expected until later this year.

Infographic: Android May Have Peaked in the United States | Statista
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