Samsung on Top, BlackBerry Crashes

Between July and September 2013, Samsung generated 13.2 percent more sales than during the same period last year. After the close of the latest quarter, the South Korean company is number one in the smartphone market. Lenovo and Sony have also entered double digits in terms of revenue (+12.7 percent and +10.6 percent respectively). LG’s revenue grew by 4.6 percent while Apple’s increased by 4.2 percent.

For BlackBerry, however, the situation is grim. The struggling smartphone manufacturer saw its revenue plummet by 45 percent. HTC (-33 percent) and Nokia (-21.8 percent) suffered similarly dramatic revenue losses. ZTE has rectified a double-digit revenue decline in the previous quarter, though the Chinese smartphone manufacturer’s sales continued to decline.

Infographic: Samsung on Top, BlackBerry Crashes | Statista
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