30% of U.S. Internet Users Share Their Home Address Online

In the wake of the NSA surveillance scandal, which sparked a global debate about online privacy, the Pew Research Center published a report on online anonymity in the United States. It shines a light on both, the extent to which Americans share information online and the measures they take to protect their online anonymity.

As far as the amount of data available online is concerned, Americans have little illusions. While it appears pretty standard to have photos of oneself available online these days, what's surprising is the large share of Americans who make highly private information such as home address, cell phone or home phone number available online. Unfortunately, the risks associated with sharing this kind of information on the web, do not stop at lost anonymity. Identity theft is one of the most frequently reported cyber crimes in the United States and sharing personal data on the web is like leaving the front door open: it might work out for a long time, but don't be surprised if your TV is gone one day.

Infographic: 30% of U.S. Internet Users Share Their Home Address Online | Statista
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