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Top 10 soybean producing U.S. states in 2012 and 2013 (in 1,000 bushels)

Illinois 378,400 460,600
Iowa 408,760 415,350
Indiana 226,160 259,000
Minnesota 299,710 258,570
Nebraska 202,950 247,000
Ohio 215,260 217,070
Missouri 162,750 193,900
South Dakota 130,200 182,000
Arkansas 129,150 144,000
North Dakota 159,800 138,300
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This statistic shows the ten U.S. states in soybean production in 2012 and 2013. Illinois topped the list with 460 million bushels produced in 2013.

Soybean industry

Soybeans are among the major agricultural crops planted in the United States, behind only corn. They belong to the oilseed crops category and most U.S. soybeans are planted in May and early June and are harvested in late September and October. Production practices show that U.S. farmers commonly grow soybeans in crop rotation with corn. More than 80 percent of soybeans are cultivated in the upper Midwest. The Unites States counted Illinois, Iowa and Indiana as their leading soybean producing states in 2013.

Historical data shows that large-scale soybean production did not begin until the 20th century in the United States. However, recent statistics illustrate that the acreage of the dominant oilseed crop has expanded rapidly. The expansion of soybean acreage was favored by several factors including low production costs and a greater number of 50-50 corn-soybean rotations. Furthermore, soybeans were one of the first crop types that achieved commercial success as bioengineered crops. The first genetically modified (GM) soybeans were planted in the United States in 1996. They possess a gene that confers herbicide resistance.

The usage of soybeans ranges from the animal food industry over human consumption to non-food products. The highest percentage of soybeans goes to the animal feed industry. The products intended for human consumption include products such as soy milk, soy flour or tofu.

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