Top 10 U.S. states in total cheese production in 2011 (in 1,000 pounds)*

 Production in thousand pounds
Wisconsin 2,634,683
California 2,245,051
Idaho 842,160
New Mexico 743,683
New York 730,756
Minnesota 603,114
Pennsylvania 411,894
South Dakota 271,945
Iowa 241,293
Ohio 201,577
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This statistic shows the top ten cheese producing U.S. states in 2011. In that year, California came second, where around 2.25 billion pounds of cheese were produced.

Cheese in the United States

Cheese is mostly common in the Western cultural sphere, where it is one of the basic foodstuffs, and a major agricultural product. With some 7 million metric tons, the European Union is the world’s leading producer of cheese. The United States is follows, producing approximately 5 million metric tons.

The top cheese producing U.S. states are Wisconsin and California. Wisconsin’s nickname as “America’s Dairyland” punctuates the state’s leading position within the U.S. dairy industry. More than two and a half billion pounds of cheese are produced in Wisconsin. California is the second largest producer. As expected, these states also count the highest number of milk cows among all U.S. states.

Total consumption of all types of cheese in the United States stands slightly lower than the production volume. This means, that every American consumes around 15 kilograms of cheese annually. The most popular types of cheese among U.S. consumers are Italian-style varieties like, for example, Mozzarella and Parmesan.

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