Public perception of the crime problem (nationwide and local) in the U.S. as very serious or extremely serious

  In the United States In your area
2000 60% 12%
2003 54% 11%
2004 42% 8%
2005 49% 12%
2006 56% 12%
2007 57% 15%
2008 51% 11%
2009 55% 12%
2010 60% 13%
2011 54% 11%
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The statistic shows the public perception of the seriousness of crime in the United States. The recent survey was done in October 2011. The data for the preceding years were gathered with a similar methodology. The respondents were asked whether crime was a seriuos problem nationwide and in their local community. 54 percent of the respondents said crime was a serious or extremely serious problem in the United States, but only 11 percent felt their area had a serious problem with crime.

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