Facebook fans of National Football League teams (in millions), August 2015

This statistic ranks the teams of the National Football League, by the number of fans on facebook as of August 10, 2015. With 8.02 million fans, the Dallas Cowboys have the most followed NFL team account on facebook (February 2015). The Facebook presence of the NFL itself has 12.22 million fans.

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 Facebook fans in millions
National Football League 12.22
Dallas Cowboys 8.02
New England Patriots 6.08
Pittsburgh Steelers 6.07
Green Bay Packers 4.95
San Francisco 49ers 4.1
Chicago Bears 4.03
New Orleans Saints 3.99
Denver Broncos 3.76
New York Giants 3.75
Seattle Seahawks 3.61
Oakland Raiders 2.94
Philadelphia Eagles 2.92
Baltimore Ravens 2.27
Indianapolis Colts 2.23
Miami Dolphins 2.06
Houston Texans 1.98
New York Jets 1.84
Minnesota Vikings 1.83
Washington Redskins 1.83
Detroit Lions 1.83
Atlanta Falcons 1.75
San Diego Chargers 1.66
Carolina Panthers 1.62
Kansas City Chiefs 1.35
Arizona Cardinals 1.16
Cleveland Browns 1.15
Cincinnati Bengals 1.08
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0.86
Tennessee Titans 0.85
Buffalo Bills 0.74
St. Louis Rams 0.64
Jacksonville Jaguars 0.53
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