When you used a mobile phone to pay for something at a store, have you used your phone in each of these different ways?

This statistic provides information on in-store mobile payment methods used by survey respondents in the United States in the 12 months leading up to the survey. During the December 2014 survey, it was found that 11.6 percent of in-store payment users had waved or tapped their mobile phone at a cash register in order to make a mobile payment.

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 Share of respondents
Scanned a barcode or QR code to make a mobile payment 28.6%
Used a mobile app that doesn't require tapping the phone at a chash register or scanning a barcode to pay for a purchase 18.6%
Waved or tapped my mobile phone to pay at check out (e.g. Google Wallet or Apple Pay) 11.6%
Other 1.7%
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