Number of available apps in the iTunes App Store from 2008 to 2014 (cumulative)

This time series shows the number of available apps in the Apple App Store from 2008 to 2014. In 2014, the App Store offered 223,988 gaming apps; this figure had more than doubled since July 2012. In contrast, during that period of time the store had 958,048 non-gaming apps available.

iTunes App Store

The Apple App Store opened on July 10, 2008 via an update to iTunes. This coincided with Apple’s launch of the second-generation iPhone 3G which supported mobile apps. Apps from the store can be downloaded directly to an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad, or onto a personal computer via iTunes. Applications in the App Store are usually aimed at iOS devices and may make use of the specific attributes of those devices, such as motion sensors for game controls and cameras for online video calling. Mobile applications downloaded via the desktop version of iTunes are usually synchronized to iOS devices upon connection.

As of July 2013, the most popular Apple App Store category was gaming with almost 17 percent of apps being games. The second most popular app category was education, followed by entertainment and lifestyle apps. Mobile gaming apps usually generate the majority of their revenue through advertising and in-app purchases with only little more than a third of games being paid downloads. Popular gaming apps in the App Store include Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, Words with Friends and Candy Crush Saga, the currently top grossing iOS game.

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Jul '08 15.3 7.74
Jul '09 45.98 15.04
Jul '10 166.81 35.01
Jul '11 356.29 66.98
Jul '12 586.27 111.9
Jul '13 721.27 151.46
Jul '14 958.05 223.99
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