Comparison of unique U.S. visitors to Facebook and Google from April 2011 to July 2014 (in millions)

Apr '11 151.24 147.52
Jul '11 156.77 150.98
Oct '11 158.25 153.23
Jan '12 156.48 148.17
Apr '12 160.69 154.57
Jul '12 166.47 160.33
Oct '12 168.01 160.96
Jan '13 174.12 166.24
Apr '13 171.9 164.13
Jul '13 170.53 163.86
Oct '13 173.96 164.62
Jan '14 179.6 167.39
Apr '14 178.85 167.78
Jul '14 177.03 167.35
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The statistic shows a comparison of the two most visited websites in the United States. It shows the development of the traffic of Google and Facebook respectively, as measured in the number of monthly unique visitors in millions. Up until July 2014, Google remained the most visited website with more than 177.03 million visitors. During the same month, social network Facebook accumulated 167.35 million unique US visitors.

Google and Facebook

Social network Facebook and online search and advertising company Google are the two biggest websites online, based on active users and global penetration rates. Google was initially founded as an index-based search engine but has extensively broadened its product scope towards cloud computing, software and most notably, online advertising. Facebook tops the ranking of the most-used social networks worldwide and also generates most of its revenue through online advertising.

In the United States, Google and Facebook are the market leaders in their respective industries although both companies have begun to integrate social and advanced search features respectively. Google has launched a social network called Google+, whereas Facebook’s search feature is an integral part of the site’s navigation. The social network has also rolled out a feature called Facebook Graph Search, a semantic search feature based on big data of its over one billion users.

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