Most popular multi-platform web properties in the United States in May 2015, based on number of unique visitors (in millions)

This statistic shows the most popular web properties in the United States in May 2015, based on their number of unique visitors. During that month, Microsoft sites had 176.7 million unique multi-platform visitors. Google Sites were ranked first with close to 242.42 million visitors from mobile and desktop connections – popular Google online properties include not only Google Search but also online video platform YouTube, communication services such as Gmail and Hangouts, as well as assorted online services such as Apps and Maps as well as digital app distribution platform Google Play. Popular online properties also include online shopping sites and media outlets. Online shopping platform Amazon currently reaches approximately three quarters of the U.S. online population and is one of the most popular e-commerce providers worldwide. Mode Media is an online media brand which covers lifestyle websites and blogs, specializing in digital content and brand advertising. Lifestyle audiences in the United States have become increasingly mobile and frequently accessing lifestyle content via mobile browser or apps. The most popular social network in the United States based on multi-platform audiences is Facebook. As of January 2015, the majority of Facebook users in the United States were between 25 and 34 years old. The average network size of U.S. users was 350 friends and connections.

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 Number of visitors in millions
Google Sites 242.42
Facebook 214.43
Yahoo! Sites 209.51
Amazon Sites 182.62
Microsoft Sites 176.7
AOL, Inc. 167.8
Mode Media 148.03
Apple Inc. 141.12
Comcast NBCUniversal 135.06
CBS Interactive 131.64
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