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Statistics and Data on E-Commerce in China

As the digital economy takes shape, more and more people and businesses around the world are going online. The number of internet users in China reached 537 million in June 2012. This has driven the explosive growth of the Chinese e-commerce market, which is expected to triple and surpass the U.S. online marketplace by 2015. It is now predicted that the estimated 193 million online shoppers in China will increase to more than 350 million by 2015, generating a transaction scale of 2.6 trillion yuan. In comparison to the business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer sector, the business-to-business e-commerce sector currently generates the greatest amount of revenue.

The most successful e-commerce company in China is Alibaba.com of July 2012. This company dominates the B2B market and it’s Tmall and Taobao websites also enjoy the biggest market share of the B2C and C2C markets respectively.

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