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Mobile Commerce - Statistics & Facts

Statistics and Data on Mobile Commerce

In 2012, mobile commerce revenue in the United States is expected to reach 10 billion U.S. dollars. Currently, more than 37.5 million people in the United States are mobile buyers.

Number of mobile buyers in the United States
Average spending per U.S. proximity mobile payment transaction user

Mobile retail properties such as apps as well as the mobile web presence of online retailers form the bulk of mobile commerce. In September 2012, market leader Amazon had over 58 million U.S. visits through mobile web or apps, followed by eBay with 37.5 million mobile visits. Whereas well-known online retailers are able to draw large online audiences through their mobile presence, smaller shopping apps such as Shopkick are able to generate a higher level of user engagement through innovative shopping experiences and features.

Most popular mobile retail categories of U.S. smartphone shoppers
Composition of mobile retail visitors in the United States, by age group
Composition of mobile retail visitors in the United States, by household income

Mobile device usage has also increased steadily through traffic and conversion rates – in 2015, 60.6 percent of top 500 e-tailer traffic is expected to come from smartphones and tablet conversion rate currently stands a mere fraction behind PC shopper conversion.

U.S. smartphone usage for shopping-related activities
U.S. tablet usage for shopping-related activities
Average value of U.S. mobile shopping orders, by tablet device
Conversion rate of U.S. tablet shoppers, by device

The continuous development of mobile payment also plays a significant role in the spread of mobile commerce. Mobile payments such as premium SMS, direct mobile billing, web based payments (including apps) and contactless NFC are currently being explored and developed by various payment providers such as PayPal, Google Wallet and Square.

Mobile payment methods used on smartphones in selected countries, ranked by usage
Number of mobile payment users in North America

Recently, mobile shopping has had a great influence on retail sales, either through showrooming, mobile holiday shopping or multi-device usage. Mobile commerce has already arrived. / alexsl

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