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The global market of functional food promises to have a bright future according to its compound annual growth rate of 6 percent between the period 2011-2015. At present, there is no universally accepted definition of functional foods. But, according to the International Food Information Council, functional foods are “foods or food components that may provide benefits beyond basic nutrition”. Popular product types worldwide include vitamins and dietary supplements, functional beverages such as sport and energy drinks, as well as products fortified with probiotics.

The U.S. market has been invigorated by foods containing added value and/or disease-preventing products. Thereby, each single market faces its own challenges. Functional beverages mainly gained attention by health-conscious consumers, driving sales to an estimated 18.6 billion U.S. dollars by 2015. Probiotics have been sold on the market since the very start of the functional foods age. Key players in this probiotic segment include, among others, General Mills and the Dannon Company, marketing their foods with health-promoting and wellness-maintaining attributes.

2013 survey results revealed that 90 percent of Americans strongly or somewhat agree that functional foods provide an additional benefit to their health. The same amount of consumers in the U.S. were very or at least somewhat interested in learning more about the relation between functional foods and the specific health benefits.

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