Brands worldwide

The Statista Brand Reports

Brands worldwide
Brands worldwide
  • Market shares, customer profiles, and customer journey
  • Conducted by our experienced market researchers
  • Regularly updated with recent survey data
  • Based on data from the Statista Global Consumer Survey
  • Available for download in PDF format
  • $350 per brand report
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The Brand Reports are based on the exclusive Statista Global Consumer Survey, an international study of more than 700,000 consumers, in 55 countries, covering around 6,500 brands in over 50 industries. The Global Consumer Survey is conducted as an interactive online survey of internet users aged 18 to 64 years.
Our team of experienced market researchers uses this broad database to create detailed brand reports on international brands, including information on the competitive landscape, customer profiles and customer journey. The exact content depends on the brand's industry and the markets in which the brand is active. All reports are subjected to careful manual quality control.