Over 200 cities

The Statista Global Business Cities Reports

Over 200 cities
Over 200 cities
  • City rankings and relevant key figures
  • Designed and researched by our team of city analysts
  • Regularly updated with the latest data
  • Detailed references for all key figures
  • Available for download in PDF format
  • $350 per City Report
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Statista regularly collates crucial information on cities and thereby compiles significant and interesting data on the status quo and future development, including relevant regional comparisons. Our analysts use statistical methods to produce the Global Business Cities rankings. In addition, descriptive statistics are provided in the form of high-quality diagrams and tables that allow you to get an overview of the business environment of a city. The Global Business Cities Reports contains rankings that identify the best cities for business on a global scale. Each report also contains data on individual cities with a focus on aspects connected to business environment, society, economy, and infrastructure, as well as cultural capital. All reports undergo thorough manual quality controls. All sources are listed in detail within the individual reports.