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The Statista Global Consumer Survey offers a global perspective on consumption and media usage, covering the offline and online world of the consumer. It is designed to help marketers, planners and product managers understand consumer behavior and consumer interactions with brands.

Global Consumer Survey 2020

With the Global Consumer Survey, Statista offers an intuitive expert tool to investigate and gain insight to consumer behavior, drawn from an exclusive, global survey.

  • more than 700,000 interviews

  • 55 countries

  • over 50 industries

  • over 6,500 brands

Industries and Topics
Countries & Territories
International Brands
Customized Target Groups
Do-it-yourself Analyses
Content Specials

More than 50 industries and topics

The Global Consumer Survey covers more than 50 industries and topics from the online and offline world.

Marketing & social media
  • Customer journey
  • Social media & word of mouth
  • Websites & apps
Internet & devices
  • Smartphone
  • Access at home
  • Mobile internet access
Finance & insurance
  • Personal finance
  • Primary bank
  • Banking & financial services
  • Online & mobile payment
  • Insurance
  • Private & business travel
  • eTravel
eCommerce & retail
  • Shopping behavior
  • Retail & FMCG
  • Online shopping
Media & digital media
  • Radio & digital music
  • Print media & ePublishing
  • TV & video-on-demand
  • Video games
  • Health care & health insurance
  • Pharmacy & medication
  • eHealth
Services & eServices
  • Ticket bookings
  • Food delivery
  • Online dating
  • Fitness & health services
Food & nutrition
  • Grocery shopping
  • Online shopping
  • Smoking
  • Car ownership & purchase
  • Smart car features
  • Mobility services
Housing & household equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Household appliances
  • Smart home devices
  • Accommodation
Characteristics & demographics
  • Education & employment
  • Income & economic situation
  • Values & attitudes
  • Consumption
  • Etc.

Discover data on more than 6,500 international brands from over 50 categories.

...and many more

Content Specials

In addition to the main study, exclusive additional survey data on interesting subtopics for custom analyses of industries and topics is offered. The topic-specific samples provide both a basic look and deep insights into specified markets.
The Content Specials are continually extended and cover topics including:

Motorcycles & Scooters
Toys and Games
Food & Hot Drinks
OTC & Pharmaceuticals
Travel & Tourism
Decorative Cosmetics and Facial Care
Tech Giants & Digital Services
Cybersecurity & Cloud
Media, Sports & Lifestyle
Eating & Drinking
Luxury & Counterfeiting

Customized target groups

Users can carry out tailored in-depth analyses with different target groups. They can either choose from a set of pre-defined target groups or use different dimensions like demographics, living situation, internet & media usage, values & attitudes and much more to create and customize their own target groups for unique analyses.

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education
  • Household income
  • Migrant background
  • Ethnicity¹
  • Economic situation
Living situation
  • Region²
  • Type of community
  • Marital status
  • Children in household
  • Household size
Internet & Media
  • Internet usage by frequency
  • Internet usage by device
  • Mobile vs. stationary user
  • Advertising touchpoints
  • Social media activities
  • Brand awareness
Values & attitudes
  • Hobbies & interests
  • View on personal future
  • Important life aspects
  • Innovation adopter types
¹ U.S. and UK only
² in the extended version only

Do-it-yourself Analyses

The Global Consumer Survey is accessible via an interactive online evaluation tool: users can carry out their own evaluation of the Global Consumer Survey data, select their own criteria to create cross tables and customize target groups.

  • Cross-tabulation
  • Customized target groups
  • Trend and country comparisons
  • Export in Excel (CSV) or PowerPoint format

55 countries covering more than 90% of the global GDP

The Global Consumer Survey 2020 is conducted in 55 countries. The basic version of the survey includes a minimum of 2,000 interviews per country. The extended version covers at least 12,000 interviews per country.
The following countries are covered:

    North America
    South America and Caribbean
    Central and Western Europe
    Northern and Eastern Europe
    Southern Europe
    Asia & Australia
¹ Extended survey
² Extended survey in 2020
³ New as of Q1/Q2 2020
⁴ Mainland China
Access to the Global Consumer Survey

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What is the Global Consumer Survey?

Release calendar



The Global Consumer Survey was conducted as an interactive online survey. The target population are internet users between 18 and 64 years of age. Respondents in each country were sampled according to representative quotas for age, gender and region¹. Each country receives an annual data update.

Cint is the exclusive sample provider for the Global Consumer Survey. Essential to the Cint platform are the quality standards and controls built into its research-quality-focused processes. All of Cint’s systems and procedures comply with the requirements set forth in Cint’s certification to ISO 20252, which defines the requirements in a Quality Management System for organizations conducting market, opinion and social research².

Questionnaire of the Global Consumer Survey
The standardized questionnaire was prepared according to scientific standards and exclusively contains items of the type single response, multiple response and matrix questions. The questionnaire was translated and localized either in its basic or extended version for every single country. You can find more information on the content in the methodology description. Download the full English questionnaire here. Download questionnaire
Questionnaire of the Global Consumer Survey
More than 100 additional characteristics

In addition to the survey data, the Global Consumer Survey contains the most recent profiling data available for each respondent. Users can choose from more than 100 additional characteristics to build and analyze their custom target groups.

Work life & education, e.g. field of expertise, university education by major

Personal information, e.g. gender of children, pet ownership

Hobbies & interests, e.g. sport activities

Political engagement, e.g. political party, frequency of voting

Housing conditions, e.g. electricity supply, planned home improvements

Retail & purchase behavior, e.g. jewelry purchases, department store shopping

Food & nutrition, e.g. food allergies, visits to fast food restaurants

Media, e.g. movie theater visits, online and virtual gaming

Vehicles, e.g. car purchases

Finances & Insurances, e.g. insurance coverage, participation in stock trading

Health, e.g. usage of spectacles and hearing aids

Travel, e.g. preferred vacation types, travels by country

Quality checks along the research path

Statista applied a consistent quality management to every step of the research process:

Panel quality
  • Quality management mechanisms by Cint, including quarantine times for respondents, continuous quality checks across different surveys, exclusion after repetitive bad survey behavior, etc.
Survey quality
  • Sample quotas on age, gender, and region¹
  • Mobile-optimized questionnaires (e.g. no grid-questions, limited number of items, etc.) with item randomization
Statista quality checks
  • Measures to ensure data quality included checks for speeders, straight liners and non-response, logic and repetition tests, open questions for bot-identification, etc.
  • Our work complies with the guidelines set by BVM/ADM (Germany) and ESOMAR
Who can access the Global Consumer Survey?

The Global Consumer Survey can be activated for all Statista clients who have an Enterprise Account. Please log in to the platform as usual and then choose the “login” option for the Global Consumer Survey. You will be forwarded directly to the data. Not an Enterprise client yet? Please contact our Customer Service for personal advice.

Which topics are included in the Global Consumer Survey?

The Global Consumer Survey contains exclusive data on more than 50 industries and hot topics. Please find a detailed overview of all content the top of the page.

Can the data be downloaded?

You can easily download all your individual analyses as CSV files or PowerPoint presentations and start processing them right away. You will find the download buttons on the upper right corner in the online tool.

Will the Global Consumer Survey cover more countries in the future?

The Global Consumer Survey covers currently 46 countries. We will expand the content available for each country and the range of country as it is described in our release calendar.

Please find information on the extension plans towards further countries here.

Data & methodology
Which sources is the Global Consumer Survey based on?

The data of the Global Consumer Survey come from a worldwide online survey, which was exclusively carried out by Statista. In addition, there is a set of profiling questions that were answered by the respondents in previous surveys conducted by the panel provider, their number depends on the individual country.

Who was interviewed in the Global Consumer Survey?

The Global Consumer Survey contains data on more than 700,000 respondents worldwide. Conditions for participation were internet access and a registration for online survey participation. Quotas were applied on demographic characteristics in order to make sure that the samples were representative of the online population in the surveyed countries.

When were the data gathered?

Field times for countries of the basic version are scheduled in the first half of every year. Data for the extended survey countries are gathered twice a year at an interval of half a year. Please find the exact survey periods for the individual countries in the methodology.

Technical questions & customer support
Can the data for different countries be directly compared?

It is always guaranteed that the data for individual countries are methodologically comparable. For direct comparisons of individual indicators in international context, please use the download function in the table you have generated. For an even quicker and easier use, we are going to directly combine the data on different countries in the future.

Who can I address if I have further questions on the content of the Global Consumer Survey?

For all support requests that refer to the provided data, please contact our Customer Service. Your inquiry will be directly forwarded to the responsible analysts and experts on our team, who will be able to provide you with comprehensive information concerning your request.

Who can I address if I have technical problems with the Global Consumer Survey?

If you have problems logging in to the Global Consumer Survey, please make sure that you are using your Enterprise Account. Only then will you have limitless access to all our exclusive data. For all other technical support requests, please contact our Customer Service. Your inquiry will be directly forwarded to the responsible IT experts, who will solve any technical issues as quickly as possible.

¹ in China according to representative quotas only for age and gender
² Please find more information on Cint’s quality standards here


The Global Consumer Survey was developed by Statista’s Consumer and Business Insights Team of experienced market and social researchers. We follow scientific standards pertaining to the collection, analysis, and protection of data as well as the processing of personal information. All studies undergo strict quality control procedures before, during, and after the fieldwork phase.

  • Nicolas Loose
  • Ann-Kathrin Kohl
  • Eugenia Kirienko
  • Johanna Regenthal
  • Alexander Kunst
  • Jack Spearman
Head of Market Research, Strategic Market Insights

Nicolas Loose is in charge of the exclusive Statista surveys and the Consumer Market Outlook. He studied Communications and Strategic Planning at Berlin University of the Arts and Social Sciences at the Humboldt University of Berlin. After his studies he worked as a market researcher for customers in the FMCG and automotive industries and as Head of Market Research for AUTO BILD publishing group with Axel Springer publishing house.

Market Researcher

Ann-Kathrin Kohl studied Sociology at the University of Potsdam.

Prior to joining Statista, she was a project manager for quantitative market and opinion research at the German research institute INFO GmbH Markt- und Meinungsforschung.

Market Researcher

Eugenia Kirienko studied Economics and Romance Studies at Osnabrück University. Before joining Statista, she worked at a market research institute specializing in quantitative market research.

Market Researcher

Johanna Regenthal graduated in Business Psychology from the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, specializing in International Management and Personnel Psychology. After supporting the team as a student assistant, she became a full part of CBI and is now responsible for consumer surveys in all their project parts from the planning to the analysis, and for operative product management.

Senior Researcher

Alexander Kunst studied Sociology and Philosophy at the University of Hamburg, specializing in empirical methods and analytical philosophy.

After working as a researcher in Statista’s editorial team for several years, he has joined CBI and is now responsible for the publication of CBI survey results as content for the Statista platforms.

Market Researcher

Jack Spearman studied Sociology at Kingston University in London, UK. After graduating, he went on to work at TNS and Ipsos in various project management and market research roles, where he developed his skills for over 7 years.

He moved to Hamburg in 2016 and prior to joining Statista he worked as a Patient Insight Manager at Clariness, where he helped lead the development of the company’s online survey offer.

Statista Research & Analysis

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Our services include:
  • Online surveys, focus groups, and expert interviews
  • Data modeling for market sizing and forecasting
  • Desk research and company profiles
We would be happy to conduct preliminary research for you free of charge and to provide you with a non-binding offer.

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Access to the Global Consumer Survey

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