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Mobility Market Outlook

The Mobility Market Outlook is the place to go to find all key figures from the world of automotive and mobility. Detailed statistics on sales, revenues, prices, and brands are available after just a couple of clicks. For a deep dive, we also provide a variety of reports focusing on relevant mobility topics.

The Mobility Market Outlook at a glance:

How to access the Mobility Market Outlook:

Select the Mobility Market Outlook in the Expert Tools menu.

On this page, you can choose the desired car class or the topic of Connected Cars, and find further information on the market’s development.

Here you will find information on:
  • Market value
  • Sales volume
  • Price per unit
  • Makes
  • International comparison
  • Market indicators

  • Whether the individual contents are visible depends on your account. For full access, feel free to request information about a Corporate Account, exclusively for corporate customers. Send inquiry

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