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Digital Market Outlook

Content types overview

Studies & Reports


Our dossiers combine all relevant statistics on a certain topic. For the dossiers we primarily select topics that our users access particularly often. With the dossiers we want to help you quickly and thoroughly familiarize yourself with a new topic. You can directly use the statistics as all dossiers are available in PowerPoint and PDF format. They are regularly updated and new statistics are continually added.

Your benefits at a glance
  • All relevant statistics on a certain topic
  • Edited and compiled by our industry experts
  • Regularly updated with our latest statistics
  • Detailed references for each statistic

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Industry reports

We regularly consolidate the most important information on industries, presenting important and insightful data about the status quo and the trends of the industry including forecasts up to 2021. Our analysts prepare high-quality diagrams and tables which give you a quick overview of the industry’s current situation. The industry reports include key figures from the areas of finance, companies, employees, R&D and others. The exact contents depend on the individual industry and country. All reports undergo thorough manual quality control procedures. Each includes detailed references.

Your benefits at a glance
  • Download in PDF format
  • Regularly updated with the latest data
  • Detailed references for all key figures

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We conduct exclusive quantitative online and telephone surveys among consumers and industry experts in Germany, the USA and the UK. Our Consumer and Business Insights team consists of experienced market and social researchers and is responsible for the collection of primary data and publishes it in the form of statistics as well as parts of studies and dossiers on We comply with the guidelines set up by professional associations such as ESOMAR, BVM, ADM, and DGOF in order to, in particular, maintain scientific standards pertaining to the collection, analysis, and protection of data as well as the processing of personal data. All studies undergo strict quality control procedures before, during, and after the fieldwork phase. We maintain the representativeness of all collected data for the respective population by use of quota and random sampling. For questions about the methodology of surveys conducted by us please contact

Your benefits at a glance
  • All top statistics from our quantitative consumer & expert surveys
  • Conducted by our experienced market and social researchers
  • All results of a study available to download in XLS(X) format

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We identify all top companies in a given industry or region based on revenue, which can be used as lead lists and a an overview of the most important key figures. The lists and key figures are based on different sources such as, for instance, company information, databases and press releases. All lists undergo an automatic and a thorough manual quality control procedure. Our toplists usually cover contact details, total revenue, number of employees, profit before tax and market capitalization. The exact content may differ from company to company and industry to industry, and is individually defined and described for each list.

Your benefits at a glance
  • Include contact details and the most important corporate key figures
  • Available to download in XLS(X) format for a seamless workflow

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Outlook reports

We model and forecast the most important digital and consumer markets in the Digital Market Outlook and Consumer Market Outlook. Our analysts and experts create reports on the individual topics, which include the most important key figures ready for direct use. Our reports provide an overview of trends, insights and important players as well as global market comparisons of the key regions of the USA, China and Europe. All reports and data undergo a thorough manual quality control procedure. The main sources are the Statista Digital Market Outlook and the Statista Consumer Market Outlook. The reports include further detailed references.

Your benefits at a glance
  • Regularly updated with the latest forecasts
  • Segment reports are available as a free download in PDF format
  • The market report including extensive data and forecasts available to download in XLS(X) format

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Market studies

Our analysts regularly conduct high-quality in-depth studies on different topics such as, for instance, online shopping, the job market, energy supply, e-commerce or customer service. Depending on the goal and topic, the individual study design includes extensive market calculations, consumer surveys and in-depth research. The professionally prepared studies allow in-depth analyses, include extensive company profiles and offer recommendations for action for industry players. Most studies are repeated every year, which ensures that the results are as up-to-date as possible. Moreover, market changes and trends are empirically proven and deeply analyzed.

Your benefits at a glance
  • Partially in cooperation with renowned media partners
  • Updated annually
  • Professionally prepared PDF and/or Excel documents
  • Individual study designs and topic-specific data collections

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Digital Market Outlook

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