KPIS FOR OVER 20,000 ONLINE SHOPS WORLDWIDE is your starting point for market analyses, benchmarking and lead generation. As a database of over 20,000 detailed shop profiles worldwide, we provide you with the web sales figures as well as relevant KPIs and company information, which give you a comprehensive insight into the individual shop. We also offer the relative market shares including product analytics within the specific eCommerce category, country- and category-based revenue rankings as well as a revenue forecast and traffic analysis for all shops.

Our team comprises data analysts, experienced researchers and eCommerce experts, who are specialized in monitoring, analyzing and assessing trends in the international eCommerce market.

eCommerceDB benefits:
  • Easy-to-use – clear design, intuitive navigation and precise search results
  • Seamless workflow – all content is instantly available to download in Excel format
  • Daily updates – up-to-date data at all levels

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Please note that the is not included in the range of features of our Statista accounts, and requires a separate account. Customers with an existing Corporate Account receive a 10% discount, however.

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