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Global Consumer Survey

The Global Consumer Survey helps marketers, planners and product managers understand consumer behavior as well as consumer interactions with brands. The results of an online survey about the attitudes and behaviors of a broad consumers base from various countries can be analyzed directly via our interactive online tool. The survey provides data about different industries and topics from the online and offline world, which can be combined in cross tabs and individual target groups, which enables an analysis according to your requirements.

How to use our browser-based DIY-analysis tool:

Our methodology provides you with a in-depth background information and explanations.

The features of our interactive DIY-analysis tool include:

  • list and cross-tab mode
  • sorting and heatmap
  • individual target groups
  • export function via csv
In addition to our video our product-guide offers a detailled overview on how to work with the browser-based tool.

Whether or not the content is directly visible to you depends on your account. Ask for our Enterprise Account to get unlimited access. Request more information now.

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