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Direct purchase of a Single Account

The different Statista accounts differ in terms of which content can be accessed and which functions are available.

The Single Account is Statista’s cost-efficient starter account. It gives you instant access to the database of over 1 million facts along with detailed references. Statistics can conveniently be downloaded in different formats via the download function.

Already have a Basic Account or Basic Account Plus? Then you can purchase the Single Account directly through the upgrade form. Direct purchase of a Single Account for users without a Basic Account:

1 - Visit the Single Account registration page

Click here or enter the following link:

2 - Complete the form with your details

Complete the form and click Proceed with step 2. It is important that you check the box to accept the Terms and Conditions and choose a secure password. Our security check will help you.

HINT: An account which includes all Basic Account Plus features has now already been created for you.

3 - Review your order details by checking the order summary

Single Account order summary
Single Account order summary

4 - Add your payment details

Now enter your payment details and billing address. Do not forget to enter the CVV security code, which can be found on the back of your credit card.

Tip: Click on the Openlink on the right to view the contact information you have provided.

5 - Enter a voucher code if you have one

If you have a voucher code, please enter it into the corresponding field. Click Verify code to check whether it is valid .

6 - Submit your order

Click Order now to submit your order. You will receive an email sent to the address you have specified in confirmation of your order.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that you accept our Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement. This is necessary to complete the registration process..


Your Single Account has now been activated and you can start your research in over 1 million facts.

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