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Corporate Account request The different Statista Accounts differ in terms of contents to be accessed and available functionalities.

The Corporate Account is Statista’s high-performance product for departments. It gives you and your colleagues full access to all content including, for instance, dossiers, studies as well as the Digital Market Outlook and the Consumer Market Outlook.

You can contact a Statista customer service representative any time for individual advice. Here we show you how to make a Corporate Account request.

1 - Visit the registration page

2 - Enter all basic information

After you have entered your data, click on Send us an inquiry to start the request process.

Entering all your data will make it easier for our team to provide you with specific advice.
Entering all your data will make it easier for our team to provide you with specific advice.

Please note: Make sure to accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement. Only then is it possible to send the request.

3 - Complete your information

Please add information about your industry, department and position so that we can provide you with specific advice.

You will receive an email in confirmation of your request sent to the address that you specified. You do not need to reply to this email.

TIP: Statista creates a Basic Account Plus for you in order to provide you with the best possible customer service. This will give you instant access to all Basic Statistics, which are available to download in XLS and PNG format.

Afterwards one of our employees will get in touch with you soon.

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Please also consider our other resources to help you and your team to make the most of our data.

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