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How to filter by content type

There are several ways to find content on the Statista platform. You can either browse topics through the navigation bar or directly use the search. The search field can be found both on the home page and at the top right of every page.
Both will direct you to the search results page, on which all results are display. Here you have several options to further narrow your search.

TIP: Under How to use the search right you can find a lot of helpful tips for better search results, including a video tutorial.

Filtering by content type

On the left you can filter results by content type. You only want to see statistics? Just click on Statistics. All other areas will automatically be unselected. Selecting multiple checkboxes lets you search multiple content types at the same time. Click on Refresh search after you have made your selection.

Under All content types at a glance you can find more information about the individual formats.

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