Energy drink brands

Energy drink brands ranked

Gatorade is the most popular energy drinks brand in the United States, with 48 percent of respondents liking it. Red Bull tops both Gatorade and Monster when it comes to brand awareness, while Rockstar Energy Drink has untapped potential in consumption share.
The advertising-savvy energy drinks industry is all about brand image, think of extreme sports or gaming. But what makes U.S. consumers tick when they sip away a Monster, grab a Red Bull by its horns, or party like a Rockstar with 5-hour Energy? Find out about the most relevant brand KPIs for the most popular energy drinks, beyond their energetic marketing.

  • Red Bull beats Gatorade in brand awareness
  • Gatorade is the most popular energy drinks brand
  • 36 % of consumers who know Monster, drink it
Brand awareness

Red Bull and Gatorade are a can on their own, with high recognition

With 89 and 86 percent, Red Bull and Gatorade have the highest brand recognition in the U.S. energy drinks market, leading the ranking clearly ahead of Monster and 5-hour Energy. Brands like Bang, NOS, Full Throttle and Mountain Dew Energy form the field around the 50 percent mark in terms of brand awareness, while smaller brands like Carabao (23 %) and Alani Nu (22 %) still have some way to go in terms of brand awareness compared to the big ones.

Brand popularity

While very well-known, Red Bull has potential in popularity

Gatorade is the most popular energy drinks brand in the United States, with 48 percent of respondents who know the brand liking it, followed closely by Monster. Carabao, while little-known, proves a hidden popularity champion. Meanwhile, brands like Bang, Burn, Alani Nu, and Mountain Dew Energy are also well-liked, with their popularity not far behind the leading brands. However, not all brands are experiencing the same energy surge. NOS, Relentless ENERGY DRINK, and Rockstar Energy Drink are less popular among the consumers surveyed.

Brand consumption

When it comes to usage share, Monster and Red-Bull are neck and neck

In the brand usage ranking, Gatorade slides up one position compared to the brand awareness ranking, with a 45 percent consumption share among the people who know them. Runners-up are Carabao Energy Dink and Monster. Some brands like Carbao, Alani Nu, or Burn, while not having the highest brand awareness, reach a solid usage rate among those who are familiar with them. Rockstar Energy Drink on the other hand is only consumed by less than a fifth of respondents who know the brand.

Published August 4, 2023

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