Heavy Construction

As the world continues to deal with the consequences of COVID-19 on health and the economy, forecasters are not sure when meaningful growth is to return exactly. Economies in many countries worldwide slowed down in 2020 - or even declined. Meanwhile, demand for climate friendly solutions and decarbonization has never been higher. The same can be said for infrastructure maintenance and safety, given the collapse of public works – such as in Genoa (Italy) or in Brumadinho (Brazil) – or technological malfunctions – such as the California wildfires, believed to have been caused by badly maintained power lines. Governments, and other parties involved in infrastructure will have to address these issues in the future.

U.S. expenses on construction for transportation
54.71bn USD
U.S. highway spending
1.04bn USD
Most expensive airport expansion project worldwide
Al Maktoum Airport (UAE)

Industry Insights

Highway construction in the United States


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Market size

Which country spends the most on infrastructure?
Global investments on the construction and maintenance of infrastructure as share of GDP in 2018, by country
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Infrastructure spending varies heavily per country, for various reasons. Some countries might have a more outdated infrastructure that needs modernization, in other countries infrastructure might not necessarily top of the priority list. Overall, investments in infrastructure were higher in upcoming countries than they were in, for instance, Western Europe.

Africa’s biggest infrastructure projects
Value of different infrastructure project starts in New Zealand
Infrastructure projects in Saudi Arabia

Market segments

What improvements can be made in water infrastructure?
Building information modeling (BIM) usage in the water sector worldwide in 2018, by project type
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Changes in climate can bring about either drought or floods. Structures like seawalls or dikes can be built through engineering to help protect communities from flooding. Agricultural production can also be affected, though, due to drought. Facilities and software that can convert wastewater to nitrogen and other re-usable nutrients could play a part in reducing water consumption within a circular economy.

Satisfaction with water and sewer infrastructure worldwide
Number of dams in the U.S., by state
Construction market size of drainage in Australia

Industry trends

What is the biggest trend in infrastructure spending?
Opinion on infrastructure project trends over the next five years among professionals as of 2018
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Increasingly, the focus within infrastructure leans towards renewal - the maintenance and re-construction of existing assets - and sustainability. As countries increase efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, investment in smart and resilient infrastructure is expected to increase. Long-term planning and investment has become increasingly challenging, in the meantime, due to geopolitical events or public budget constraints.

Airport maintenance costs in Turkey
Railway maintenance service market size in the U.S.
Road maintenance in Finland

Industry leaders

Which country constructs the most offshore wind parks?
Under construction offshore wind projects worldwide as of end of 2019, by country (in megawatts)
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Wind ranks as one of the most commercialized renewable energy source, and companies are increasingly asked to build more wind farms. Roughly 80 percent of global onshore capacity is located in Europe, but this differs for offshore. Here, China is becoming a leading nation as it constructs more and more wind farms in its surrounding oceans.

Offshore projects, by manufacturer
Number of wind farms under construction, by country
Offshore capacity, by country

Industry Definition

The Heavy Construction on Statista revolves around infrastructure construction, industrial construction, and civil engineering - the building and maintenance of public works – and includes topics like:

  • Road and highway construction;
  • Infrastructure projects and the building and maintenance of public works - including bridges, canals, dams, airports and railways;
  • Spending on infrastructure;
  • New construction of industrial facilities - such as offshore, mining and quarrying, processing plants, power stations, and steel mills.


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