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The Consumer Market Outlook (CMO) combines data from a wide range of sources to provide a consistent and comparable model for key markets of the consumer goods industry.

Our international team of experienced analysts and market researchers derives key metrics out of various country-specific and international studies and uses mathematical models to transform and standardize information and enrich the data with additional insights.

Data about the global consumer markets come from a variety of national and international institutions and trade associations which provide information about industrial production, international trade as well as consumer spending and habits. Statista’s Consumer Market Outlook connects these different sources, methodologies and survey periods and delivers coherent trend analytics and forecasts on the most relevant consumer markets.

In addition to that we conduct our own surveys to show latest trends and consumer behavior regarding a specific topic, always focusing on reliable, representative and continual results that follow our ambition of giving you immediate access the most reliable and trusted statistics available in the market.

Methodology of the Consumer Market Outlook

Consumer Market Outlook: Market forecasts and Statistics

Our Approach

Our Approach

We combine the benefits of recent market research and trend analysis:

  • Monitor developments
  • Identify patterns
  • Forecast trends
  • Determine market impact
Market Analysis and Forecasts

Market Analysis and Forecasts

We provide independent, realistic and consistent market sizes and forecasts based on data-focused analysis and models based on the latest findings from consumer market research.

  • Internationally comparable
  • Macro-economic and market-specific drivers
  • Performance indicators
Our Data Sources

Our Data Sources

Our forecasts are based on four types of relevant industry data:

  • Analysis of official statistics from national and international institutions
  • Trade association data
  • Systematic press review and ongoing industry monitoring
  • Macro-economic indicators
Deep Dive into the CG Industry

Deep Dive into the CG Industry

Our market sizing uses individual bottom-up analyses of consumer markets:

  • Market size
    • Production Data
    • International Trade
    • Consumer spending
    • Consumer prices
    • Distribution structures


Our models incorporate the latest available data for the historical development as well as valid forecasts for the economic environment (e.g. GDP development, consumer climate and commodity prices)



  • Who can access the Consumer Market Outlook?
    The Consumer Market Outlook data is included in all Statista Corporate & Enterprise accounts with ongoing contracts. Get more information.
  • What kind of data does the Consumer Market Outlook contain?
    • Market Value
    • Market Volume
    • Price Per Unit
    • International comparison
    • Market indicators (e.g.consumer spending and inflation)
  • How many markets are available in the Consumer Market Outlook?
    • 16 consumer goods verticals (e.g.Hot Drinks)
    • More than 150 product groups (e.g. Instant Coffee)
    • Automotive market data for 10 segments (e.g. Mini Cars) and 75 makes (e.g. Toyota)
    • Up to 29 countries
    A complete market overview can be found in our methodology or at the market directory.
  • Can I download the data?
    Yes. You can download the data as an Excel- or PNG-file. Download buttons can be found in the different box diagrams in the lower left corner. An extension of the export functionality including more download formats and the possibility of downloading all data for a selected market segment at once is planned and will soon be available.
  • When is the data being updated?
    The market data are updated once a year. However, in some cases the data for individual markets is updated on an ad hoc basis (e.g. when new, relevant data has been released or significant changes within the market have impact on the projected development).
    A time stamp at the bottom of each diagram shows the latest available update. Update cycles vary from market to market in terms of data availability.
  • Will there be more markets in the future?
    Other regions, categories and market segments will be added in the future. You are welcome to contact us for further information and suggestions.

Data & Methodology

  • How are the markets defined?
    All markets are defined at the beginning of each content page. You can read a short introduction about what products, services or categories are included in our market scope and what is out-of-scope.
    Furthermore, we provide a brief explanation and market definition that is accessed by clicking on the download button on top of each content page. If a question is still unanswered please get in touch with us. We are always happy to help you out and to improve our product.
  • Which data sources are the bases for the market data?
    The Consumer Market Outlook uses a large number of different, market specific sources for the analytical modelling of each market. An overview of the sources for each market can be found in the methodology. In addition to sources that are only used for single markets, there are some sources with general data such as macro-economic data including, among many others, the World Bank, the European Commission’s central database and OECD.
  • How are the market values calculated?
    Our analysis methods combine different datasets to get a holistic view of the markets from different perspectives terms of economic development, changes in consumer behaviour and social trends. These data points include statistical macro-data on a country-level, insights from market research, as well as analysis of trade associations in each market. A brief description of the methodology can be downloaded here.

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