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The Statista Technology Market Outlook is a convenient web tool designed for technology professionals who are looking for immediate access to the most recent reliable and comprehensive market data on emerging tech topics.

We conduct primary research, preselect and transparently compare the most reliable data sources available in the market, enrich them with relevant statistical context information and detailed explanations, and finally generate our own market forecasts.

We put your research needs first and therefore provide internationally comparable data, a broad range of topics, and deep insights into the technology markets that interest you. Clear graphics as well as “Key Market Indicators” and “Analyst Opinion” texts supply you with readily comprehensible information.

Our goal is to provide globally consistent, comparable, and well-organized data based on our extensive know-how. As one of the market’s leading statistics portals, we want to make research as easy as possible for you and keep you informed about the latest market dynamics and trends.

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