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Illustrative AskStatista Questions

  • How big is the online advertising market in the US?
  • Who are the top five car brands worldwide and how do they differ by region?
  • How many hair salons exist in the UK?
  • How do average inner city real estate prices compare between New York and Paris?
  • How does the price of education differ between the US and Germany?

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AskStatista Features

  • Answers to your research questions within 24 hours*
  • Research results delivered in the form of a summary write-up and if applicable simple, standardized MS Excel files
  • Research delivered by in-house Statista analysts and supported by an extensive global analyst and industry expert network



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5,000 € / 4,500 £

10,000 € / 9,000 £

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1,600 credits

4,000 credits

7,000 credits

3.13 € / 2.81 £ per credit**

2.50 € / 2.25 £ per credit**

2.14 € / 1.93 £ per credit**

* on weekdays

** 10 AskStatista credits = 30 minutes of basic research

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AskStatista is a research service offering quick and hassle-free answers to your research questions. We deliver robust insights generated by our experienced analysts within 24 hours.


Why use AskStatista?

  • Quick turnaround times for basic research questions at competitive pricing
  • Leverage the vast experience of Statista analysts in locating and analyzing data and information without launching a lengthy proposal process
  • A natural, uncomplicated extension of your talented in-house team
  • Research available by native-speakers for most common languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Korean and more)