Best Financial Advisory Firms 2023

USA TODAY and Statista are partnering to create a list of financial advisory excellence: "Best Financial Advisory Firms 2023"

The goal is to provide a unique insider's view of the financial advisory industry. To do so, we are conducting a survey among experts and clients in the financial advisory industry across the United States and combining the results with other research components.

The survey will be accessible until Friday January 13, 2023. The publication of the results is expected in April 2023.

You can register now to receive a personal invitation to the survey.


Which are the best financial advisory firms in the U.S.? Share your opinion.

To answer this question, USA TODAY is conducting a survey among employees and clients of SEC- and/or state-registered investment adviser (RIA) firms in co-operation with the independent market research and data company Statista. Statista publishes worldwide-established rankings and company listings with high profile media partners around the world.


Who can participate?

The survey is directed at the following two target groups:

  • Experts (employees of RIA firms)
  • Clients (people who are or have been advised by RIA firms)


What does the survey look like?

The structure of the survey differs depending on the target group. While clients will be asked to recommend and evaluate the RIA firms they are familiar with (in general or for specific services), the survey for experts follows the “give and take” principle. That means that they are first asked to recommend and evaluate other RIA firms they know and appreciate. They are then asked to nominate other experts or clients who can evaluate their own firm.

The survey only takes a few minutes, and participation is voluntary. The recommendations are summarized and evaluated anonymously. Self-recommendations will not be considered. In addition to the survey results additional metrics (e.g., data in relation to assets under management (AUM)) will be included in the final analysis. If you have any questions regarding the survey (not answered in the FAQ below), please contact Andreas Korte at Statista via



Information about the timing of deleting personal data, the countries where we save data (e.g., U.S., EU, UK, Singapore), and the companies we collaborate with can be found in our privacy statement.