America’s Best Recruiting Firms 2020

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Forbes Media LLC and Statista, Inc. are going to celebrate America’s Best Recruiting Firms for the fourth time. The ranking is meant to honor the nation’s leading recruiting firms in three categories: Executive Search, Professional Search and, for the first time, Temporary Staffing.

One goal of this publication is to provide guidance based on which companies and candidates can choose suitable partners in the field of recruitment. The issue is planned to be published at the end of March / early April, 2020.

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The lists of America's Best Recruiting Firms are based on different surveys among candidates with experience with recruiting firms (e.g. employees who got placed by a recruiting firm or persons who were runners-ups to a certain positions), HR-managers/ in-house recruiters (including hiring managers) who are not working for a recruitment firm, as clients of recruiting firms, and external recruiters.

The surveys are planned to be open until January 27, 2020. Each interviewee can name up to ten recruiting firms per category, either with the help of a longlist (auto-fill option) or as a free nomination.

Candidates and HR-managers/ recruiters (in-house, not working for a recruitment firm), including hiring managers are asked to recommend recruiting firms they know and had experience with in the last three years. In addition, they are also able to assess their recommended recruiting firms in various dimensions on a scale from 1 ("excellent ") to 6 ("poor"). External recruiters are asked to recommend recruiting firms, assuming that they would not be able to provide a service or industry focus themselves. Self-recommendations are excluded.

The top recruiting firms in each category will be selected based on the number of recommendations and the assessment in the various evaluation areas. Recruiting firms that receive a minimum number of recommendations as well as a minimum score across all evaluation areas will be included in the top lists. The ranking will be created through an elaborate process. The quality of recruiting firms that are not included in the lists is not disputed.




Q: Will the participation in the survey be remunerated?

A: No.

Q: Do I have to pay to appear on the published list?

A: Of course not! All winners are allowed to promote their success via press releases, social networks, or on their websites. However, there will be a license fee if you want to use the label "America’s Best Recruiting Firms 2020". This offer is open to all winners and absolutely voluntary.

Q: Is the ranking "America's Best Recruiting Firms 2020" funded by a recruitment firm or commissioned by a specific customer?

A: No, the ranking is a journalistic publication, funded, directed and supported by Forbes and Statista.

Q: What does a company have to do to appear in the ranking?

A: Nothing, since it is an independent survey carried out by Forbes and Statista.

Q: How are the winning companies identified?

A: The ranking honors the companies that are most frequently recommended and best rated by the survey participants.

Q: Until when is it possible to participate?

A: The survey will take place until January 27, 2020.

Q: Can a company appear in more than one list?

A: Yes, a firm with several areas of expertise may be awarded more than once. For example, a firm may be on the list for executive search firms as well as for professional search firms.

Q: When will the "America's Best Recruiting Firms 2020" be published?

A: The ranking is planned to be published in late March / early April, 2020 on the Forbes website.

Q: How do I know if my firm is among the winners?

A: The results of the survey will be published on the Forbes website. In addition, the winning companies will be notified by mail shortly before publication.