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  • Social Media: Relevance and reach of our connected world
  • Platform Economics: A comparison of the U.S. and China
  • Venture Capital: Fueling startups and disruptive trends
  • AI, AR & VR: Developments in the tech industry
  • 8 Digital Markets: Forecasts from e-Commerce to Smart Home


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Chinese tech-giants are emerging and rival large U.S. tech-pioneers

  • In 2016 Chinese consumers spent 10% of household consumption online (U.S. less than 5%)
  • Tencent bought a 5% share of Tesla and is investing further in U.S. startups


The growth of digital platforms continues, with new records being broken

  • In 2016 25% of U.S. e-Commerce customers were subscribed to Amazon Prime
  • After only 13 years in the business, the Alibaba Group has exceeded the sales volume of Walmart


Young, digital companies outstrip traditional business models

  • In Q4-’16, Netflix had more subscribers than the top U.S. cable providers combined
  • In 2019 global internet ad spending is predicted to overtake ad spending on TV

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