Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms 2020

Preparations have begun for the Financial Times’ “Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms 2020” report. The results are expected to be published in June 2020 and will recognize the most widely recommended patent law firms for services related to patent prosecution and patent strategy consultation.

If you are interested in participating in this survey, please click on the following registration link.

Please note that the survey will be open until March 15th, 2020. After this date, participation will no longer be possible for this year’s survey.



Who are Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms? Share your expert opinion.


The second edition of Financial Times’ “Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms” report is currently being prepared. The results are expected to be published in June 2020. The publication will again award patent law firms for services related to patent prosecution and patent strategy consultation in Europe.

There are six different sectors that patent law firms can be nominated in:

  • Chemistry & Pharmaceuticals
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biotechnology & Food
  • Materials & Nanotechnology
  • IT & Software


Together with the Financial Times, we at Statista, the independent market research company, cordially invite you to participate and to share your expert opinion on patent law firms throughout Europe. Your opinions and knowledge are very important to the success of our initiative which we hope will provide you with an inside view as to who are the go-to leaders in patent law expertise.

This list is based on an online survey of:

  • Patent attorneys working in patent law firms and as experts in the patent departments of companies
  • Clients who have consulted with or commissioned a patent law firm


The survey will be conducted between February and March 2020. If you work as a patent attorney, as an expert in the patent department of a company or if you have previously consulted with/commissioned a patent/IP law firm, you can register on this website and we will send you an invitation to the survey.

Survey participants can recommend firms either in general terms or by specific areas of expertise, which are categorized into six different sectors. Furthermore, a particularly noteworthy patent attorney within the previously recommended patent/IP law firm(s) can be mentioned.

Participation in this survey does not involve any costs and will take justa few minutes to complete. Of course your responses will be aggregated and evaluated anonymously. In addition, for every participant completing the survey, we will donate 50 cents to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), supporting wildlife conservation and endangered species.