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U.S. financial KPI

United States financial KPI benchmark

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are a set of quantifiable metrics and benchmarks that are used to evaluate the progress of a company and provide insights into the performance of competitors. American firms Amazon, Ford, and Microsoft are among the world leaders in their respective industries, and they have all achieved success through a desire to hit specific targets. Vital data and valuable trends can be uncovered by analyzing the KPIs from a defined group of financial statements.

U.S. companies in the technology services sector are lacking profitability but continue to show intensive growth and are forecast to generate high earnings in the future. As an alternative to debt financing, many tech companies, especially startups, rely on equity financing to help fund assets. Not all debt is bad, but a low debt-to-equity ratio suggests a more efficient way of growing a business.

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Europe financial KPI

European service sector financial KPI benchmark

The economic repercussions of the coronavirus continue to be felt across Europe, and countries are unlikely to recover before 2022. By studying the annual reports of companies, it is possible to discover those that were more prepared for a financial downturn. Defining detailed KPIs shows a clear strategic focus, which enables companies to track progress and performance. Analysis suggests that there are significant differences between the transportation and technology service sectors.

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Latin American financial KPI

Latin American financial KPI benchmark

Countries in Latin America have struggled with slow economic growth in recent years, partly caused by political instability and the depreciation of local currencies. Businesses have had to overcome many challenges, but there have been some bright spots. The retail trade sector has generated significantly higher revenues than all other industries. As the transformation to digital accelerates, retail companies across the region are looking to expand eCommerce services and increase profit margins.

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Software financial KPI

Software financial KPI benchmark

Software companies use KPIs to monitor and compare performance against competitors – assets, total expenses, and revenue per employee are all key metrics. Microsoft, Adobe, and SAP – three of the biggest software firms worldwide – have identified future growth opportunities, and KPIs will need to evolve in line with the industry’s vision. COVID-19 has brought unique challenges, but remote working systems and cloud-based technologies are two software solutions that have seen a rise in demand.

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Automotive financial KPI

Automotive financial KPI benchmark

After several years of continuous growth, worldwide automobile production has slowed down. The industry was already facing challenges, but the coronavirus has added further uncertainty by disrupting supply chains and halting the global flow of vehicles. During these times, automotive companies must set KPIs that not only measure the efficiency of their efforts but also reflect the changing landscape. Extensive benchmarking can provide clear direction in navigating the bumpy road ahead.

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