Methodology of the IT-Market-Model

The goal of Statista’s IT-market model is to estimate the development of this industry in different countries across the world.



If you are interested in definitions for Totals, Segments, Subsegments and the Methodology in detail, have a look at the PDF file.


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The Methodology in short:


We defined our market segments to reflect the most important markets for IT-Equipment, Software and IT-Services in order to get a definite picture for global IT-markets. Our segments and subsegments therefor reflect major categories and subcategories of the global IT-market. We named our market segments intuitively in order to make them easier to understand and to make them clearly differentiable.

Analysis methodology

The Statista IT-Market model uses a combined research approach to assess global IT-markets. All IT-equipment related data arises from an analysis of statistical data covering international trade relations (such as country individual imports, exports and local consumption) to outline the national and international B2B and B2C markets for IT-equipment. Software and IT-Service market revenues have been modelled bottom-up. The data for said model has been identified using a comprehensive assessment of major software and IT-service provider financial data. When corporate financials where unavailable estimations have been used.

Forecast methodology

The future outlook “forecast” is based on a set of mathematical-statistical methods such as regression analysis, industry specific drivers as well as analyst evaluation for the IT market and its submarkets. We aim to update our market forecast annually to include the latest market developments and trends.


Market values reflect revenues paid by the final customer to primary vendors and service providers either directly or through distribution channels. Thus, market revenues reflect end-user spending in a particular country, excluding VAT. All market values are given in USD. For all non-USD countries, market metrics were converted from local currencies to USD using the yearly average exchange rates of local currencies to the USD for the respective year as provided by the IMF World Economic Outlook Database.


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Planned updates:

  • Geographic coverage will be extended
  • New metric will be added
  • New segments will be added

IT market revenue worldwide from 2016 to 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars)*