Academia Customer Support

Welcome to the academia customer support of the Statista GmbH.

You can conveniently register for a webinar here, request marketing material, or set up your Statista account.


You can receive support regarding the following topics:


  • General questions concerning the Statista platform
  • Registration for trainings and webinars to better understand all functions of Statista
  • Timely processing of all inquiries concerning marketing material
  • Fast answers to all questions regarding every type of access
  • Customization of your type of access so you can easily use the Statista platform


Are you interested in a training or a webinar to better understand the platform?

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Marketing material

Do you need marketing material for communication purposes? No matter whether you are looking for flyers, roll-up banners, or other articles, you will find the appropriate material in our broad portfolio.

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Registration and types of access to the Statista platform

Set up your Statista account quickly and easily. Choose your preferred type of access for the activation and send it to us via e-mail.

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