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Food delivery

eServices report: online food delivery

The demand for online food delivery services has never been higher. The market already had enormous growth potential, but the lockdown of people due to the coronavirus has led to a greater increase in online food orders. Restaurants are expanding their delivery options, and simpler ordering systems offer substantial benefits to consumers. The online food delivery market is now forecast to generate revenues of around 136 billion U.S. dollars in 2020.

In recent years, platform-to-consumer delivery services have disrupted the sector, providing competition to the more traditional method of restaurant-to-consumer delivery. As companies such as Just Eat and Domino’s Pizza continue to fight for a greater share of the market, the business strategies they adopt could make or break their future. Mergers and acquisitions are playing a crucial role in accelerating growth and strengthening market position.

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Event tickets

eServices: event tickets

The digital transformation has revolutionized how tickets are bought and sold. People are no longer required to queue at a ticket office or made to wait for orders placed over the phone. Providers like Live Nation and Eventim have enjoyed rapid growth through the online sale of tickets to music, sport, and movie events. However, government bans on large gatherings due to the coronavirus have severely impacted the events industry, and ticket companies are facing an uncertain future.

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eCommerce worldwide

eCommerce worldwide

Electronic commerce – commonly known as eCommerce – refers to the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. Online transactions can be made using computers, smartphones, and tablets. Global retail eCommerce sales are forecast to surpass four trillion U.S. dollars in 2020. The benefits of eCommerce to the buyer include greater convenience, more variety, and lower prices. Sellers can operate from anywhere in the world and gain access to an international market.

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Amazon is an eCommerce giant with a brand value that has increased by more than 250 billion U.S. dollars since 2015. The online retailer connects millions of customers worldwide, many of whom pay for the Amazon Prime service, which rewards members with shipping and streaming benefits. Amazon’s user-friendly platform creates a positive shopping experience, and at the heart of the company’s success is its network of third-party sellers that continues to generate record sales.

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eSports market

eSports market worldwide

Competitive video gaming is not everybody’s idea of sport, but its appeal is undoubtedly gaining interest. In recent years, the eSports market has seen spectacular growth and can now attract lucrative sponsorship deals and award significant prize money. Furthermore, eSports has experienced a spike in viewership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic due to the suspension of traditional sports. It is estimated that the global eSports market will surpass one billion U.S. dollars in revenues in 2020.

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