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Statista Research & Analysis is the analytical unit of one of the world’s largest statistics portals that equips businesses with a variety of individually tailored R&A services. With our focus firmly placed on our client’s specific market and competitors, our aim is to do the legwork so that we are able to provide a solid basis of information relevant to informing and assisting in strategic and operative corporate decision-making. Furthermore, we compile and prepare an extensive range of industry rankings and studies, all well-established in the market.
Supported by our specialist market research tools and extensive data portfolio, we are able to merge our well-founded research ingenuity and structured analytical approach with our keen business insight to deliver the high standard of service our clients require and expect.

Research & Analysis
Market Research
Market Research

Our R&A specialists locate the market and industry data relevant to your business and consolidate it with an extensive valuation and subsequent identification of your target market and competitors, enabling you to penetrate your market more effectively. In addition to this, we provide you with continuous performance indicators and key figures relevant to the development of your business.
We use a broad range of specialist tools to conduct market research in your field and transform the qualitative data we receive from media as diverse as online surveying to help you to either better understand or more soundly identify your customers.
We apply concrete use cases to spearhead for you a detailed analysis of usage so that we are able to more efficiently generate a comparison with the businesses that are competing with yours.

Market Analysis & Prognoses

Our extensive understanding of and analytical approach to developments in the global market allow us to develop market assessments and country profiles, which we use – with the evaluation of your competitors in mind – to work out the structural composition and current developments in your target markets.
We are also able to quantify your market potential. This we achieve by analyzing the relationship between your given market and potential drivers, allowing us to develop research- and hypotheses-based market models and prognoses.
With your management and business intelligence units in mind, we conduct ongoing market monitoring which enables us to constantly provide you with the early indicators of changes in your markets.

Market Analysis & Prognoses
Studies & Rankings
Studies & Rankings

By combining our own research with the data we receive from our surveys and user tests, we work in cooperation with selected media partners and established ratings sites to ensure that the data we generate reaches the level of objectivity and comprehensibility that have guaranteed us our status as one of the most trustworthy and reliable points of reference out there. We frequently publish benchmark studies that aid the development of industry and processes; sales and marketing studies aimed at selected distribution channels; industry studies for media partners and enterprises from the relevant sector, as well as sector- and industry-specific rankings.

Statista as a Service

StaaS provides you with extensive data storage solutions that ensure your archived reports, studies and data can never again slip through the net. With StaaS’s offer to provide you with a search portal finely attuned to your corporate identity, your employees are guaranteed to be able to find every single document, report and statistic – all in one place.
As we store, maintain and manage everything for you, everything from the most detailed internal documents, presentations, and reports, right down to the individual snippets of data that are often difficult to keep in one place, you'll never have to worry about misplacing data again.

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Corporate Publishing
Corporate Publishing

We work in conjunction with our prestigious media partners to bring to print regular statistical publications that cover a broad range of topics for a wide readership.
For the purpose of marketing your brand, we are able to compile individual corporate publications, in which we develop, enhance, and present the focal points of your company’s business operations (e.g., as ePaper).
In addition to this, our team of graphic designers is able to develop a range of company-specific infographics, enabling you to project the important aspects of your business via a striking visual design.

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