Market share of the leading brands for dry dog food in the United States in 2016, based on sales

This graph shows the market share of the leading dry dog food brands in the United States in 2016, based on generated sales. In that year, Purina Dog Chow accounted for a market share of about 9.9 percent of U.S. dry dog food sales.

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 Market share
Private label 16%
Purina Dog Chow 9.9%
Pedigree 9.8%
Purina One Smartblend 6.4%
Iams Proactive Health 5%
Purina Beneful 4.3%
Kibbles 'n Bits 3.7%
Purina Beneful Healthy Weight 3.2%
Rachael Ray Nutrish 3.1%
Purina Alpo Prime Cuts 2.3%
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