Are you very, somewhat, or a little interested in any of these sports?*

The graph depicts the fan interest of U.S. American consumers in a variety of sports in 2011. Shown is the percentage of American adults who are fans of the sport. 45 percent of the survey respondents said they were (avid) fans of college football.

Scarborough Sports Marketing defines "avid fans" as consumers who are "very interested" and "fans" as respondents who are "very, somewhat, or a little interested" in a given sport.

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Sports (leagues)Very, somewhat or a little interested
National Football League 62%
Olympics 58%
Major League Baseball 49%
College Football 45%
National Basketball Association 35%
Gymnastics 34%
Figure Skating 34%
College Basketball 33%
High School Sports 28%
PGA Tour (men's golf) 27%
National Hockey League 23%
Horse Racing 20%
College Baseball 19%
Extreme / Action Sports 19%
Pro Boxing 19%
Women's Tennis 18%
Men's Tennis 18%
Major League Soccer 16%
Ultimate Fighting Championship 16%
Pro Bull Riding 15%
Minor League Baseball 15%
IndyCar Series 14%
Pro Rodeo 13%
NHRA Drag Racing 12%
Monster Trucks 12%
LPGA (women's golf) 12%
European Soccer 12%
Supercross/Motocross 12%
WNBA 11%
WWE (pro wrestling) 11%
Formula One Racing 11%
Arena / Indoor Football 11%
AVP (pro beach volleyball) 9%
College Hockey 9%
Mexican Soccer 9%
AMA Pro Racing (motorcycle / ATV) 8%
Grand-AM Road Racing 8%
Minor League Hockey 6%
NBA Development League 5%
Pro Lacrosse 3%
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