The most popular college majors in the U.S. in 2013

This statistic shows the most popular college majors in the United States in 2013. The most popular college major in the United States was Business Management and Administration which was taken by 26.1 percent of students.

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 Share of U.S. students
Business 26.1%
Education 9.4%
Humanities and liberal arts 8.6%
Architecture and engineering 8.3%
Health 7.5%
Social sciences 6.9%
Computers, statistics, and mathematics 5.6%
Psychology and social work 5.2%
Communications and journalism 5.2%
Arts 4.8%
Biology and life sciences 3.3%
Industrial arts, consumer services, and recreation 2.7%
Law and public policy 2.6%
Physical sciences 2.5%
Agriculture and natural resources 1.5%
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