Number of deaths in Great Britain in 2011, by main causes*

This statistic depicts the number of deaths in Great Britain, which only includes England and Wales, sorted by main causes of death in 2011. In that year, 5,937 people in England and Wales died from infections.

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Cause of deathNumber of deaths
Cancers and neoplasms 143,181
Circulatory diseases 139,706
Respiratory diseases 67,690
Mental & behavioral 31,048
Digestive diseases 24,582
Diseases of the nervous system 18,584
Accidents 17,590
Other causes 10,193
Genitourinary diseases 9,500
Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases 6,497
Infections 5,937
Musculoskeletal system 4,180
Skin diseases 1,659
Congenital diseases 1,100
Blood diseases and immune systems 999
Babies dying before, during or after birth 195
Pregnancy and childbirth 44
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