Most popular GooglePlus users as of September 2013, ranked by number of followers (in millions)

This ranking shows the 20 most popular GoolgePlus users as of September 2013, ranked by number of followers. During that month, Lady Gaga was ranked first with 7.55 million Google+ followers. Google's CEO Larry Page had 6.5 million followers.

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Google+ usersNumber of followers (in millions)
Lady Gaga 7.55
Britney Spears 7.54
Larry Page 6.5
David Beckham 6.26
Snoop Dogg 6.23
Trey Ratcliff 6.2
Thomas Hawk 6.08
Madonna 5.81
Tom Anderson 5.73
Usher 5.09
Richard Branson 4.97
Felicia Day 4.93
Vic Gundotra 4.86
Guy Kawasaki 4.8
Tyra Banks 4.8
Ashley Tisdale 4.75
Hugh Jackman 4.72
Alicia Keys 4.46
Sergey Birin 4.37
Robert Scoble 4.15
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