Top 20 companies based on unbranded generics U.S. market share during 2014-2015*

This statistic depicts the market share of the top 20 manufacturers of unbranded generics in the United States for MAT June, 2015. Between July 2014 and June 2015, Sun Pharmaceutical had a market share of four percent in the U.S. market for unbranded generic products.

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 Market share
Teva -
Mylan Labs -
Actavis US -
Sandoz (Novartis) -
Sun Pharmaceutcal -
Endo Pharmaceutical -
Par Pharmaceutical -
Dr. Reddy -
Lupin Pharmaceuticals -
Hospira -
Greenstone (Pfizer) -
Apotex -
Perrigo -
Mallinckrodt -
Amneal -
Boehringer Ingelheim -
Prasco Labs -
Akorn -
Fresenius Kabi -
Aurobindo Pharma -
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