Government expenditure in Italy

Government expenditure in Italy
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Statista Dossier on government expenditure in Italy

Table of contents

    • GDP of Italy 2010-2020

    • Government revenue and spending in Italy 2027

    • Monthly government revenue in Italy 2020-2021

    • General government expenditures in Italy 2012-2018

    • Monthly fiscal expenditure in Italy 2020-2021

    • Government interest expenditure in Italy 2016-2020

    • Government interest expenditure as percentage of GDP in Italy 2016-2020

    • Government expenditure as percentage of GDP in Italy 2019, by function

    • Share of government spending on essential services in Italy 2005-2018

    • Total health expenditure as share of GDP in Italy 2005-2021

    • Share of public expenditure on health in Italy 1990-2021

    • Government expenditure on education as percentage of GDP in Italy 2008-2016

    • Defense spending as share of GDP in Italy 2008-2021

    • Expenditure on social protection benefits in Italy 2019, by sector

    • Social expenditure in Italy 2016-2019

    • Public social expenditure in Italy 2010-2019

    • Public pension expenditure in Italy 2012-2017

    • Social security contributions in Italy 2010-2019

    • Public expenditure on employment in Italy 2007-2018

    • Public expenditure on unemployment in Italy 2014-2017

    • Public expenditure on social benefits to households in Italy 2011-2021

    • Monthly government budget value in Italy 2020-2021

    • Government debt to GDP ratio in Italy 2003-2020

    • Government budget in relation to GDP in Italy 2011 to 2020

    • Government deficit as share of the GDP in Italy 2010-2021

    • Government debt to GDP in Italy 2019-2022

    • Total tax revenue as share of the GDP in Italy 2012-2019

    • Taxes on personal income in Italy 2012-2019

    • Personal income tax rate in Italy 2010-2025

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