Economy of Hungary

Economy of Hungary
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Statista Dossier on the economy of Hungary

Table of contents

    • Gross domestic product (GDP) in Hungary 2027

    • Growth rate of the gross domestic product (GDP) in Hungary 1996-2021

    • Per capita gross domestic product (GDP) in Hungary 2010-2021

    • Volume indices of production of gross domestic product (GDP) in Hungary 2020-2021

    • Share of economic sectors in GDP in Hungary 2021

    • Hungary: Share in global GDP adjusted for PPP 2027

    • Government expenditure as a share of GDP in Hungary 2000-2027

    • Government revenue as a share of GDP in Hungary 2001-2027

    • National debt of Hungary in relation to gross domestic product (GDP) 2027

    • National debt in Hungary 2010-2020

    • National debt per capita in Hungary 2010-2020

    • Hungary's budget balance in relation to GDP 2027

    • Cumulative balance of the government sector budget in Hungary 2017-2021

    • Inflation rate in Hungary 2010-2021

    • Rate of inflation for food in Hungary 2015-2022

    • Consumer price index (CPI) in Hungary 2010-2020

    • Monthly consumer price index for food & non-alcoholic beverages in Hungary 2019-2021

    • Producer price index (PPI) of industry in Hungary 2011-2022

    • Consumer price index (CPI) by main groups of consumption in Hungary 2022

    • Trade balance of goods of Hungary 2021

    • Trade balance of services in Hungary 2010-2021

    • Export of goods from Hungary 2021

    • Main products exported from Hungary 2021, by value

    • Main export partners of Hungary 2021, by export value

    • Import of goods to Hungary 2021

    • Main import partners of Hungary 2021, by import value

    • Employment rate in Hungary 2010-2021

    • Unemployment rate in Hungary 2021

    • Economic activity rate in Hungary 2010-2021

    • Economic inactivity rate in Hungary 2010-2021

    • Number of job vacancies in Hungary 2009-2021

    • Real wage development in Hungary 2019-2022

    • Monthly net income in Hungary Q1 2022, by county

    • Number of registered business units in Hungary 2021, by type

    • Number of enterprises in Hungary 2014-2022

    • Number of small medium-enterprises (SMEs) in Hungary 2020, by size

    • Value added by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Hungary 2020, by size

    • Estimated value of the biggest domestically owned companies in Hungary 2020

    • Most successful family businesses in Hungary 2021, by estimated value

    • Annual gross national income (GNI) in Hungary 2010- 2020

    • Value of investment in the national economy in Hungary 2010-2021

    • Value of money supply in Hungary 2000-2021

    • Wealthiest counties in Hungary in 2022, by purchasing power per capita index

    • Monthly Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) in Hungary 2020-2022

    • Share of people at risk of poverty in Hungary 2007-2020

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