Password security

Password security
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Statista dossier about password security

Table of contents

    • Global IT security spending in identity access management 2017-2023

    • Global MFA market size 2016-2027

    • Passwordless authentication global market size 2020-2030

    • Main security factors used by organizations worldwide 2021-2022

    • Security authentication measures taken to protect online accounts 2022, by country

    • Public opinion on passwords being deceptively week 2022, by country

    • Number of times employees entered their password to access work data 2022, by country

    • Frequency of password resets worldwide 2022

    • Average time spent by respondents on resetting passwords 2022, by country

    • Global password management market revenue 2020-2030

    • Global market share of password management software 2021-2022

    • Main reasons for starting to use a password manager worldwide 2022

    • Main reasons not to use a password manager worldwide 2022

    • Password usage in the past 60 day to access an account 2022, by country

    • Password habits at work and at home of online adults worldwide 2022

    • Password habits of online adults managing personal accounts 2021, by country

    • Password habits of online adults managing business accounts 2021, by country

    • Security awareness training programs on password best practices in 2021, by country

    • Global concerns regarding passwords 2022, by country

    • Global challenges faced when replacing passwords with biometric authentication 2022

    • Passwordless access implementation worldwide 2022, by region

    • Main reasons why companies worldwide adopted passwordless authentication 2022

    • Passwordless infrastructure importance for security improvement worldwide 2022

    • Passwordless: importance of leveraging standard approaches like FIDO worldwide 2022

    • Main barriers to adopting passwordless authentication worldwide 2022

    • Deployment level of MFA system by organizations worldwide 2022, by region

    • Main obstacles to MFA adoption worldwide 2022

    • Top countries with an increase in authentication volume 2022

    • Top countries with a decrease in authentication volume 2022

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