Zero trust

Zero trust
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Statista dossier about Zero Trust

Table of contents

    • Total spending on global information security market 2017-2023, by segment

    • Cyber security market revenue worldwide 2019-2030

    • Global Zero Trust security market value 2021-2027

    • Top priorities in cyber security worldwide 2022

    • Critical cybersecurity areas worldwide 2022-2023

    • Zero Trust adoption status worldwide 2022

    • Zero Trust security initiatives worldwide 2019-2022

    • Status of putting into practice a Zero Trust security approach worldwide 2022

    • Zero trust security implementation by healthcare organizations worldwide 2022

    • Zero trust security implementation by finance organizations worldwide 2022

    • Zero trust security implementation by software organizations worldwide 2022

    • Global level of understanding of ZTNA policies 2022

    • Global importance of zero trust to cloud security strategy 2022

    • Level of difficulty when implementing ZT strategies in an extended network 2022

    • Global IT security spending in identity access management 2017-2023

    • Enterprise IAM ownership worldwide 2022, by region

    • Companies' IAM deployment status worldwide 2022, by technology

    • Main tools integrated within companies' IAM system worldwide 2022

    • Main tools to be integrated within IAM in support of Zero Trust worldwide 2022

    • Identity importance to overall Zero Trust security strategy worldwide 2022

    • Characteristics of companies' Zero Trust segmentation maturity worldwide 2022

    • Preference for microsegmentation tools in support of Zero Trust worldwide 2022

    • Microsegmentation impact on Zero Trust benefits worldwide 2022

    • Importance of technologies and practices when implementing Zero Trust worldwide 2022

    • Global Zero Trust priorities 2022, by region

    • Zero Trust prioritized requirements for companies worldwide 2022, by deployment

    • Main benefits of implementing Zero Trust solutions worldwide 2022

    • Main challenges when implementing a Zero Trust strategy worldwide 2022

    • Main difficulties when addressing Zero Trust policies worldwide 2022, by region

    • Changes in companies' Zero Trust budget worldwide 2022, by region

    • Spending on security technologies worldwide 2022, by type

    • Global emerging IT security technologies and architectures 2023, by deployment status

    • Main security factors used by organizations worldwide 2021-2022

    • IT security solutions implemented or planned within 2 years in NA/Europe 2023

    • Technologies used to enable secure work from home worldwide 2022

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