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Statista dossier on machine learning

Table of contents

    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) market size/revenue comparisons 2018-2030

    • AI software market growth forecast worldwide 2019-2025

    • Explainable AI market revenues worldwide 2021-2030

    • Machine learning software market share worldwide 2021

    • Types of data used by ML, DS, and AI developers worldwide 2021

    • Size of unstructured training data ML, DS, & AI developers use worldwide by type 2021

    • Emerging technologies that would best counter cyber attacks worldwide 2021

    • Use case frequency of machine learning and artificial intelligence 2020-2021

    • Importance of criteria for evaluating AI technology in healthcare worldwide 2021

    • Global market size of Natural Language Process 2020-2028

    • Selected companies in Natural Language Processing worldwide 2022, by funding

    • Global voice technology adoption in coming years among industries 2021

    • Companies with the most machine learning & AI patents worldwide 2012-2021

    • Value of venture capital exits from AI and ML chip companies by type 2018-2021

    • Investments in core and emerging technologies worldwide 2021, by technology

    • Number of AI/ML service offerings at hyperscale CSPs worldwide 2020-2021, by provider

    • Machine learning challenges in companies 2018-2021

    • Prioritization of AI and ML projects over other IT projects in global companies 2020

    • Main issues for companies operating ML worldwide 2020

    • Most used technologies in the data science tech stack worldwide 2021

    • Most demanded tech skills worldwide 2022

    • Tech skills that developers would like to acquire worldwide 2022

    • Struggles to recruit information technology staff in 2022, by IT role

    • Areas of development for cybersecurity professionals worldwide 2021

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